Dogs are very welcome

​The owner of the gite ran a dog grooming salon in London for over 10 years and now runs a Salon in Châtillon-sur-Indre. Always wanting to spend holidays with the dog(s) the owner has made the gite dog friendly, the garden is secure for most dogs and there are food, water bowls and throws for the furniture available. (There are some house rules see point 17 in the terms and conditions.)

We are well aware however that holidaying with your dog can make excursions difficult. A trip to the zoo or a chateau means that someone has to stay outside with the dog. You can't leave them alone in a house they are unfamiliar with or in a hot car. With this in mind we offers a 'Daycare' service.

Dog Daycare

Your dog will join the owner and her dogs and you can relax knowing that they are safe, having just as good a time as you and are in the hands of a trained professional. We will discuss your exact requirements depending on your activities.


Full day including walk* 20   Half day including walk* 15   Half day no walk 10

*Subject to prevailing weather.

All day care is offered on the understanding the dog is sociable with other dogs.