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Obterre – a charming rural French village

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Le Guet de Chouette is three minutes’ walk from the heart of Obterre, which features a ‘Bar, Tabac, Epicerie’ for basic groceries and fresh bread. It is also a bar, which readily welcomes visitors, serves cold beers and local wines.


The name Obterre derives from ancient French, meaning ‘White (Ob) Land (terre)’, after the predominant white limestone from which most local buildings are constructed. 

In 1960, the industrialist Leon Schrurs discovered wild hops growing in Obterre. He decided to cultivate them. For twenty-five years, it was the third largest private hop farm in Europe. During this time, M.Chartier, then mayor of Obterre, was associated with Roger Top the Hop Master and the Fête du Houblon, (Hop Festival) was born. Some years later Roger Top  became the deputy mayor of the city of Proven, Belgium and in 1972 the twinning between the two communities began.

During the holiday season, there are many local wine festivals, boules competitions, Line Dancing evenings, village fetes, markets and dances – all excellent ways of enjoying the area in company with the locals. Information availiable on village noticeboard and the website lists some events during the year.

The 59th  Fête du Houblon - is due to be held be between the 28 and 29 August 2021. A 2 night festival of beer, food and entertainment for all. Tickets are around 20euros and can be obtained in advance for you.

"Jaugette - Manoir des Arts" was created in 2011 in Obterre. Offering artistic and cultural activities and presenting both classical and contemporary works, in local venues, including their own renovated barn with exceptional acoustics.  For up-to-date performance itinerary visit:

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